The Wrong Local Domain Name

I am almost done with my website. I have my domain name registered. I used Local by Flywheel to build my website. The issue that I am having is that when typing my domain name in Local by Flywheel (not when I registered it), I made a mistake.
My domain name is two words, and it’s registered on Bluehost as “word1word2”.com. That is the domain name that I want.
When I typed it in Local by Flywheel though, I put a space between the words. Now my local site name is “word1-word2”.local.
I’ve installed the All-in-One WP Migration and the Force Thumbnail Regeneration plugins to try to fix this, as I am hoping to replace “word1-word2”.local with “word1word2”.com, but I was wondering if anyone else has made this mistake and if they have any other pieces of advice.

Hey @ADH2022 – Welcome to the community!

Because the two sites (Local and remote at Bluehost) are completely separate, it usually isn’t an issue.

When you go to deploy the site from Local, you’ll just ensure that you are replacing word1-word2 with word1word2 using whatever tool you are using to deploy.

Most plugins (like All-inOne WP Migration) will have a step that does the search and replace for you.

It looks like their help doc mentions that the search/replace step is automatically handled for your:

This option searches a website’s database for a text and replaces it with another in all places for as many pairs — find/replace — as you specify. Normal website migration does not recommend using this option because the plugin will handle renaming the site’s elements to the URL that you import. Only people who understand WordPress database’s structure should use this advanced feature. Please keep in mind that this change may affect your user access details to the site — be cautious of what you replace.

All-in-One WP Migration User Guide - ServMask Helpdesk

But I bet if you run into issues, you can reach out to their support team.

Hi. What is the difference between the site name and database prefix? I think that I’d have to change the development site database prefix to the production site database prefix in order for the correct domain name to come through in the production site that’s exported through the All-in-One migration plugin.

The site name in Local is mostly a way to organize a site and keep it separate from other sites. Local uses that site name as the basis for the domain as well as where it saves the WP files on disk.

The database table prefix is a way for MySQL to organize the various tables of the database and associate it with one installation. This is more important in a setting where one mysql process is managing numerous WP sites, for example shared hosting providers like Bluehost. In Local, each site has its own MySQL process per site, so the prefix is less important.

All that being said, the DB prefix is defined in the wp-config.php file which is usually specific to each environment (ie, the Local site, and the remote site will each have their own wp-config.php file).

I would assume that All-in-one migration plugin would be able to handle different table prefixes because they would look to whatever prefix was used in the wp-config.php file. But I’m not 100% sure on that, so you might need to reach out to their support if you are encountering something different.

Is there advice for when you import your site to the Wordpress installation on BlueHost with 100% completion but you don’t get the success message? My file size is half the maximum, and I increased the maximum execution and input times. What else can I do to get the success message?

Hi @ADH2022

Where are you looking for the completion message is this within the UI for your All in One migration plugin or your Bluehost dashboard? For either of those you might have to contact their support teams or consult their documentation for further troubleshooting help.