Timeline for update to Local Lightining

We all know that with 3 versions of the application out there it gets a little confusing to understand what the timeline is for updates.

My question is when is Local Lightning going to be updated? My understanding is that Local Lightning is the main version of the app. Then we have a beta version of that, and the original version of Local which is no longer being developed.

Seeing as how I rely on Local for work and have a ton of sites in it I can’t just hop from beta to beta, but Local Lighting hasn’t received an update since October of 2019.

It isn’t clear what the path forward is for Local and when we might have a unified set of versions that don’t get ignored for months at a time. I am looking for some clarity for the app I enjoy using and rely on every day for me to do my job.

Hi RJ,

Thanks for the question. I completely understand.

Local 5.2 is scheduled to be released to everyone either late this month or early February.

Local Beta is by no means a replacement for Local [Lightning] itself. It will be receiving updates far more frequently than Local so we can rapidly test new functionality and fixes with a subset of eager users. This way, we can ensure stability with any updates that go to all Local users and also reduce update fatigue.

With all of that said, the update cadence of Local will be picking up. Our goal is to have weekly beta releases and monthly stable releases.


Monthly stable releases sounds great :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the update. I know transitions take time. Ultimately I wanted to make sure I understood the plan.

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