Trouble Changing the Default Sites Path

I need to change the folder name of the ‘Local Sites’ directory so that it doesn’t have a space in it.

I have tried this: Change the folder name, change the ‘Default Sites Path’ in Local, then restart the server.

I get an error from Local and it recreates the ‘Local Sites’ directory. Is there a way to change this path without having to redo everything?


Hey Mike,

If it’s an existing site you won’t be able to change the folder unless you remap the Docker volumes for that site using

If it’s happening with new sites as well please let me know and we’ll go down that rabbit hole :slight_smile:

Firstly, thank you for an excellent product, local by flywheel is fantastic. My only gripe, I can’t believe it defaults to using a folder with a space in it (“Local Sites”). After a day and a half of setting up and importing my site, I’ve just realized this space is causing issues with git and my IDE. I’m thinking I’m going to have to go through this whole process again! Why would you default it to a folder with a space in it?

Hi There,

If you’re on windows you can just use mklink to link it to a folder without a space, no remapping required it just works as is.

Quit local flywheel
Change folder name from ‘Local Sites’ to ‘Local Sites2’
Administrator CMD
Mklink /J “C:\Users\YOUR USER HERE\Local Sites” “C:\Users\YOUR USER HERE\LocalSites”
Make new folder “LocalSites”
Move all contents from ‘Local Sites2’ to ‘LocalSites’
Start local flywheel and turn on your sites

Hope this helps.