Trouble importing into Local Lightning (Error: Command failed)

I was hoping to start transitioning all my sites to the Lightning version but so far I can’t seem to get import to work.

It gets like 99% of the way there and then fails at the last second. These are two errors I’ve seen (side note: is there a way to copy the text out of these? I can select but just get an error sound when I +c. Is this a macOS thing? I feel like I’ve been able to do it in the past):

Hi @zforsman,

Thanks for the screenshots!

It looks like a PHP Notice is being generated in the wp-config.php file of the imported site. Specifically, it has to do with a missing HTTP_HOST index.

I’d give the wp-config.php file in the exported site a quick look for potential issues and then try re-importing.

Also, it’s already in our pipeline to make certain WP-CLI uses like this more resilient against PHP warnings/notices. That way, they can be addressed after import rather than before. :slight_smile:

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