Trouble updating/saving changes while editing site pages/posts

Editing pages/posts and hit the “update” button to save changes and get nothing: the update/save doesn’t happen. This has become more of an issue recently. At first, it seemed to happen only after I’d been working in Local for several hours, but now it’s happening pretty much immediately or within a few minutes of starting work. I tried restarting the local machine, which used to resolve it, but now this doesn’t help any more. I’ve also tried shutting it all completely down and relaunching, and I still get the same problem.

V2.3.2 on Windows 10

Hi @Ria,

This sounds like a site problem a not necessarily a Local problem.

Please open your browser’s DevTools and check for errors after hitting the update button.

Also, it may be a plugin issue. A good way to check is to temporarily disable all of the active plugins. If that helps, you can use a plugin such as to quickly narrow down which one is the culprit.