Try to view site and get 404 error

I opened up Local and clicked on ‘View Site’ and simply get a ‘404 Not Found nginx’ message in the browser.
My other sites are working. But of course this is the website that I have to show a client in a couple of days.
Please help.

Hi @amandadanda , I ran into the same problem… Do you have any tips to resolve this issue? Thanks! -Kathy

Hey @kathykim03

Sometimes this is due to an issue with Nginx going offline. Trying to restart the site (stop and then restart it) can help.

Another option is to try and restart the Virtual Machine by navigating to “Help > Restart Virtual Machine”.

That should get you closer to NGINX coming back online.

There’s also likely more information to be found in the logs/nginx/error.log file.

@ben.turner Thanks for the follow up! I got it to start working again.

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