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Uh oh can't update hosts file - on M1 Mac Ventura 13.1

Bug Summary

Unable to create any sites on a clean install of Mac OS on Silicon M1, Ventura 13.1.
Apple M1 Pro.

Steps to reproduce

Use system restore to restore Mac to factory defaults, wiping all data. Install LocalWP Local 6.6.1 from the releases section Releases - Local of localwp.com website.

Environment Info

Mac OS on Silicon M1, Ventura 13.1.
Apple M1 Pro.

Supporting info

I read elsewhere in the community (after trying to get this to work for 3 hours yesterday) that despite saying localwp is for M1 silicon in the releases, it needs Rosetta2 to function. I strongly believe you should put a disclaimer on the download / package, that this isn’t in fact native M1. Because dependencies that you package with it, as per the community post you made elsewhere, are not in fact native to the M1.

If the software can not function without Rosetta, regardless which parts are native and which aren’t, I really don’t think you should label it for M1 without any disclaimer, I’ve never encountered this before and I wasted a lot of time.

The other significant issue is this version of the program, doesn’t prompt you to install Rosetta. You just get an uh oh! error couldn’t update hosts. The notification says localwp requested admin access, but no prompt comes up to grant it admin access.

I installed rosetta 2 using the following command from a terminal:

usr/sbin/softwareupdate --install-rosetta

Then localWP started working.
Hope that heps. Thanks for the awesome job you do providing this brilliant software to the community :slight_smile:

Hello, @Elextic -

Thank you very much for documenting this and sharing your workaround.

Like you mentioned, yes, Local still requires Rosetta to run on Apple Silicon machines. We have an item in our backlog to update all dependent Local services for Apple Silicon. Thanks also for the feedback about making the Rosetta requirement more clear. We’ve shared this with our team.

We appreciate you!