'Uh-oh, it looks we couldn't get retrieve the requested Docker Image'

After 2.4.1 update; I uninstall because nothing works properly and re-install local 2.4.2, however during installation I get ‘Uh-oh, it looks we couldn’t get retrieve the requested Docker Image’.
Any solution for this!!!

Me too. I have this problem. Will get back if i manage to solve it.

HI bars76
After banging my head against the wall for 10 hours today I think I did found a solution.
For the error ‘Uh-oh, it looks we couldn’t get retrieve the requested Docker Image’, what I did is

  1. I uninstall the Oracle VM VirtualBox & Local with Revo uninstaller and restarted the computer.
  2. I installed the latest version of VM VirtualBox and went back to local v. 2.4.6.

Then it started working but I had another error “the site can not be found” or something like that.

Then in preferences, I changed the sites path to my other Hard Drive (I was using my SSD c: drive before) to 2TB D: and I did change the Custom Environment Settings to:
PHP Version to 7.2.0 and MySQL version to 5.5.
And boom. It started working.
I hope I didn’t forget something and this will work for you. One thing I didn’t have time to try is the new 3.0 version of Local but will do these days.
I hope this helps.