Uh-oh unable to provision site - when I try to import an existing site

Sorry, community, if this has been asked earlier.

I installed local flywheel and created a site. I used to login into my wp dashboard and work on the site and it used to work very fine. Unfortunately for me, I came to tweak some things on the side yesterday (22-07-2020) local failed to open. I came here and read a tone of things I could do but tried all and all failed. I ended up uninstalling local and start all over again.

I used this guide How to update Local by Flywheel Safely - Support - Local Community and got a fresh install of the virtual box and local.

But before I did that, I had copied the site from the root folder in my drive and save it in a separate drive to be imported later.

I used this guide Import/Export a WordPress Site - Local to import the site to continue working on it but it failed and gave this error sql_error

I need help in accessing that site back.

Thanks in advance for your assistance. 2020-07-23T23:00:00Z

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