Cant access websites created with previous version of local by flywheel

Hi there ,

So to have local by flywheel work on my MacBook Pro with OSX Mojave, after deleteing the old version of local by flywheel and virtual box; I installed the newest version of virtual box and after the 2.4.1 version of local by flywheel. After this local by flywheel was working.

But I don’t see the previously created websites that I have created with the old version.
When I create a new site with the new version of local by flywheel it gets saved in the Local Sites folder, where I still have the 2 websites from the previous version, yet I cant these sites under the local sites menu when I launch local by flywheel

Is there a way I can have the new version of local by flywheel access my websites I created with the previous version ?

Hey @robertkollar, sorry about the issue with your sites not automatically being imported. Would you try manually importing those sites and let us know how that goes? Here are instructions on how to do that:

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Hi there !

Thank you for the information.
It worked to recover one website, but with the other website I get an error message when I want to view it:

Configuration Error

Your wp-config.php file has an empty database table prefix, which is not supported.

Do you think this can be fixed somehow or I have to rebuild the site from scratch?

also on the screen shot need to make it clear that the wordpress-import is the name of your website or file name so people will know what file to zip up not two different file just the main file all one zip file

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