Unable to connect since update

Since my update I cant get my sites to connect, old sites or when I create new sites. I have sites I need to finish for clients and can not access them. Running most recent version of local, and Mac Mojave.

I am getting this in the log:
Oct 10, 2018, 2:52 AM MDT - warn: [main/docker-machine-fdv] unfsd stderr: bind: Address already in use
Couldn’t bind to udp port 60983


I’m sorry you ran into this. We are aware of this bug right now and working on a fix. Can you try this?

  1. Go to Local by Flywheel » Preferences » Advanced
  2. Disable Faster Docker Volumes
  3. Go to Help » Restart Local’s Machine

That seems to work, it definitely seems to make things slower. But just happy to have it working.