Unable to find DB_Host, DB_Name, DB_User, DB_Password (number 2)

Hello the community,

To let you know, it’s my first time, I’ve just downloaded “Local” on my Mac.
I try to create a new website with the configuration by default but the process keep running (hours) without any result and no error message…

When I check on different windows, I find on the “Database” tab this message :
Unable to find DB_Host… Same for DB_Name, DB_User, DB_Password

That could be a reason but I’m not sure. I know there is already a post on the topic (that’s why I added “number 2” in the title) but the answer is quite technical.

I received a nice email to tell me how easy that was to use Local, I will be happy to live this experience :slight_smile:

Does someone could help me ?

Thank you

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