Unable to Import Local sites after HDD Faliure

HDD failed. After replacing, I reinstalled Local (Jan '21) and attempted to import my sites from a backup I had on Google Drive.

When Local starts to provision the site, it fails with an error:
“Error: Local was unable to import the following SQL files: • /app/sql/local.sql”

The files are there, but Local keeps refusing to work.

I can create new sites in Local, but that’s not helping as some of the projects I have are critical.


Open Local
Import Site
Select zip archive containing public/sql folders.
Files import until provisioning.
Error returned

Followed this: Import/Export a WordPress Site - Local

System Details

  • Local 5.9.8+5191
  • MacOS 11.1 Big Sur

local-lightning.log (126.1 KB)


Still having issues. Any help appreciated.

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