Unable to log into flywheel

Issue Summary

When attempting to login to flywheel from the local connect it sends me to authenticate on site. When on the site it sends me back to local but not logged in and no other prompts.

Troubleshooting Questions

I had local connected to my flywheel account - and was able to pull and push no problem - however after creating/moving a site into an organization - the connection was no longer there and I have been unable to reconnect. I’m not sure if the org change did it but thought i’d mention.

I’ve uninstalled Local, restarted then re-installed with no luck so far.


Video of issue: https://streamable.com/vfpwdm
After what you see nothing comes up on local in any tab.

System Details

Local 5.9.8

Windows 10 Pro

Opened up local today and it worked!

I didn’t make any additional changes, but there was a reset and some account changes. I couldn’t pinpoint the solution.

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