Unable to Migrate Website

Hi There,

I am currently progressing through a Website design course using Wordpress. I am up to a part where they want us to Migrate a website using plugins. The problem is that the course I am doing (which is made up of videos), they are using MAMP and ATOM, whereas I am using Local By Flywheel as I think it would be more efficient and easier. I have created a new website in Flywheel called migration3. I keep receiving an error message “Unable to fetch WordPress version from wp-includes/version.php”. I know that this is a folder in my WordPress files and I can see this on my hard drive where my files are stored so I am not sure what I am doing wrong? I know that by using Local By flywheel, I won’t have to use Atom anymore. Here is a sequence of what I was trying to do.
Copy over the WordPress files

Open Local by Flywheel and create a new site by clicking on the ‘+’ in the bottom left-hand corner. Give your new site a different name than the site being migrated.

On your local machine, navigate to the local WordPress files: Users > username > new-site > app > public. Make a copy of wp-config.php and save a copy outside of this directory.

Erase all the files in the ‘public’ folder of the newly created site.

Copy and paste all of the WordPress files from the existing site to the ‘public’ directory of the newly-created site, and replace the wp-config.php with the copy you just made.

Copy over the SQL database

Open the existing site’s SQL database by clicking on the ‘Adminer’ button in Local by Flywheel.

Export a copy of the database by clicking on the ‘Export’ link (make sure all tables and data are selected, and that the output is ‘save’ and the format is ‘sql’).

Open the newly created site’s SQL database by clicking on the ‘Adminer’ button in Local by Flywheel. Import the database you just exported from the existing site.

I am up to the section to copy over the SQL database, but with this error message appearing, this is where I am stuck. Any Ideas? Thanks.


I’m not sure what would be wrong either, but you might try downloading the same version of WordPress, and then replace the wp-includes (and optionally, wp-admin) directories.

Local is a local site “hosting” stack. Atom is a text editor. You’ll still need to use some sort of text editor to edit files (unless that is not a requirement).

I use Atom and Local extensively and exclusively.

I have it all sorted now. I mistyped in my last message about not using Atom, I meant to say that I no longer use MAMP, now that I am using Flywheel. And yes, I use Atom all the time, and it is great. Thanks for your help.


Glad you got it sorted!

Can you share what you had to do? I’m curious what fixed it :slight_smile:

Hi Clay,

Well, when I reinstalled Windows 10, I used the option to keep all of my files. So all of my website files were still there. So I renamed all of my websites in my local folder and I created new websites in local by Flywheel using the old names. Once the sites were created, I just changed my original files back to the old name and used the override option to match up my original files to the new websites. The SQL files were in fact as well.

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