Local or Local by Flywheel?

image I have been building a Wordpress site with Local by Flywheel version 3.3.0. It appears in my application folder as “Local by Flywheel”. The site itself appears to work well, although at this stage it has not progressed past my local iMac computer. But the option to clone the site is not working – seems it can’t create the site container. When I check within the application for updates to Local by Flywheel, I am told it is up to date.
Some weeks ago I downloaded (not from within the app) what I believe is the most recent version, which appears in my applications folder as just “Local” (v 5.0.7). I have continued with the Wordpress site by using an alias, but thinking I was using v 5.0.7.
I open Local v 5.0.7 but my Wordpress site from v 3.3.0 is not there. How do I copy/duplicate/export (?) from Local by Flywheel 3.3.0 to Local 5.0.7, and will cloning then work?

same issue here

adminer says:
None of the supported PHP extensions (MySQLi, MySQL, PDO_MySQL) are available.

site gives error 404 when started

This was after import of site from local by flywheel 3.3.0 to flywheel 5.0.7+1117
following this guide: https://getflywheel.com/wordpress-support/migrating-from-local-by-flywheel-to-local/

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