Unable to paste to "New Folder" dialog when creating new site

When importing/creating a site if one wants to set a custom path one clicks the “browse” button to navigate to one. If that path doesn’t exist one clicks the “New Folder” button in what (I assume) is a standard MacOS dialog. That is populated with “United Folder”. If I try to paste the contents of my clipboard at this point it doesn’t work… in fact it never works, even if I bring cursor focus to that dialog and remove the default. The only way to populate this seems to be to type, which is odd and annoying.

FWIW, the reason I’m copy/pasting the name is the name does exist elsewhere (/Sites-backup) and I need to match it so I can restore those files manually and git repo paths will all remain the same.

FYI, FlyWheel 2.2.3