Unable to select Apache

I selected Preferred in Preferences, however, when trying to set up my site, the page with Custom Settings is missing. I am unable to select Apache or any custom settings.

5.0.6.+976 Beta (downloaded from Flywheel).

Am I missing something?

That is coming in future releases.

Thank you.

I only realised later it was a Beta which frankly, did not impress me, or the fact it was not mentioned before downloading.

Looking at the support tickets below, I think reverting back to MAMP is sadly best!

Hey @rmshare,

Thanks for trying out Local!

I apologize that the beta status of Local v5 was not made more clear. We do have a non-beta version of Local, version 3.3.0 which does include support for Apache. All versions of Flywheel can be found here: https://localbyflywheel.com/community/c/releases with their release notes. If you decide to give Local another try, v 3.3.0 should include the Apache option you need :slight_smile:

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