How to setup/change to apache web server?

hello everyone :slight_smile:

I can’t set up an apache web server, in the preferences I switch to custom, I have two pages when I creat a new local site

and there is no way to change it(on videos on YT I saw people had 3 pages one with the setting and they could change it in the preferences) is that feature gone??? what is the problem??, I cant find a solution I looked here to and what I found is to change the envoirment to custom, but that dosent do nothing …

PLASE HELP, would be soo GREATEFULL :slight_smile:

Im using macos high sierra

Im using the new 5x beta if that helps

ok I think I found the answer … the functionality is not ready yet and I should use the 3x version by the name of local by flywheel :slight_smile: am I corect???

I’m having the same “issue”. As you say it seems not to be still implemented on the beta version. For Windows & Mac you can use the 3x version … I have to wait cause I’m using Linux and for this OS there’s no previous version, only from 5x onwards =(

Hey @jay23, you are correct, custom environments are not yet ready in the beta versions (v5.x) but are still part of version 3.3.0 > Local by Flywheel 3.3.0

@gcjuan, we can’t wait to get custom environments added in there for you to use in Linux!

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