Unable to update WP Local on Ubuntu 20.04

Issue Summary

I got notification that WP Local have a new version, when I downloaded and run it open installer with current version without possibility to update. When I look in Ubuntu Software app (where all installed apps are) I couldn’t find WP Local App. When I try to update in CLI, I got result: “local is already the newest version (6.7.2-20230518.1)”

Troubleshooting Questions

  • How can I update WP Local to latest version on Ubuntu 20.04?

  • If I uninstall current version and than install new version, will I lose all my local WP sites?

Hi @mladen.krstin

Are you able to manually download from our Releases page and update it that way?

Hi Nick-B,

Yes, I was successfully manually download new release, but when I run it, it’s open existing app installation settings, and only option is uninstall. I expect if I go thru uninstall process I will lose all my local WP installations, am I right?

When I double click on downloaded file “local-7.0.2-linux.deb” it’s open this window.

You are correct that if you completely uninstall you may lose your sites. You should be able to download the latest version to replace the previous one however and not lose anything, but the workflow might look slightly different on Ubuntu. On macOS for example you can open the manual download and drag it to /Applications where you’ll get a prompt to replace the existing version.

It’s never a bad idea to back up and save your work, however. You can use our Cloud Backups add-on, or right-click and export zip copies of your sites to store.

Cloud Backups

You can also manually locate your Local Site files and zip up/copy those as well.

Ok, I’ll try that way. Thank you for quick respond.

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