Unable to upload image from media section

While I was working on a WordPress project at the very beginning, i.e. when editing the footer, a problem occurred when importing an image, a logo (png) and the following message was constantly printed: “There was error while saving.Please try again”. The same thing happened to me on another wordpress project, all in the last two days 25.02 and 26.02.2024.The plugins I have installed are: Shortcode Widget, Themify Builder Pro, Themify Portfolio Post, Themify Updater. What is the problem and is it related to local wp or themify page builder? Thanks

Hey @michael1972

This is tough to say it could be some type of plugin/theme conflict or a performance issue. You could try disabling all other plugins or swapping out the theme as a test. You could also try using a tool like Query Monitor to help debug.