Update 6.3.1 does not give a choice of installation location

Hi! Update 6.3.1 has arrived. Local has been installed in a different directory on disk D (Windows 10 x64). When installing the update, Local does not allow you to select the installation location. When selecting the option “For all users”, without unnecessary questions, sets to “C:\Program Files…”, and when selecting “Only for the current user” is set to "C:\Users … ". Disk C is an SSD and the volume is limited. Add the option to select the installation folder when updating, or you can determine the location of the current installation.

Hey there, if you haven’t done the same as you wish then all you have to do is map the location and Local will auto update the files as needed.

Unfortunately, the update installer does not allow you to select the installation folder.

Logically, as it is implemented in many programs, the installer automatically determines the location of the current Local installation and copies the files to the right place.

And in this case, there is a new installation of Local with duplication of files and a reduction in the volume of disk C (SSD)

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