Recurring update to 9.0.3 fails to take

For the past several times opening Local I get a notification that a new version 9.0.3 is available. Installing the update fails to take and reopening Local results in notification that a new version 9.0.3 is available. How to fix this installation problem?

Hi @slabydl

Can you try updating your Local app manually?

  1. Quit Local if running
  2. Download the latest release: Releases - Local
  3. Open the downloaded .dmg and drag to /Applications. If prompted to replace the existing version, go ahead and replace the existing version.

I started with a clean install on Windows 10 and did download the latest release.

  1. It mandated installing in the c:\users folder - which it didn’t before
  2. After installing in the c:\users\Local folder, it ran an installation, but at the end declared that the zip file created by an earlier version of Local was not valid with a popup message that self-closed, and then proceeded to do a complete uninstall.

You might want to try a full uninstall, but prior to that make sure all of your sites are backed up and saved. You can copy the site files to save to your desktop or Cloud/External storage.

Then follow the uninstall steps for Windows here to make sure you remove any references to Local, and then start fresh with a new download.