Update not showing up, update checker maybe broken

Was getting frustrated by all the track_errors w/ PHP7.2, so finally came back to the forums to gripe and discovered there was a new version 2.3.2 available… Yay!

Only when I check for a new version it says I’m up to date :confused:

See screenshot… I downloaded 2.3.2 and will manual install it, just thought you’d want the bug report


Hey Jon,

Thanks for the heads up! 2.3.2 hasn’t hit the auto-updater quite yet. It’s currently scheduled to go out on the 9th :slight_smile:

There’s a line at the top of the release notes that denote the scheduled auto-updater release date.

Ah… Thank you for explaining.

Looking at the releases I infer that 2.3.0 (Pre-release) and 2.3.1 (Pre-release) never hit the auto-updater either.

Yup, anything marked as pre-release, alpha, or beta will never go to the stable auto-updater channel. We may eventually add an additional auto-updater channel for pre-releases.

@clay I’m currently seeing 2.3.3 showing a release date of August 23rd, 2018 at the top of this forum page. But when I check for updates in Local I see this: https://cl.ly/d4b625d9d330 (Version 2.2.4, saying its up to date). Does this mean I need to manually update?

I hadn’t yet tried to manually update, but weirdly, Local detected and installed the new 2.4.0 today. So now I’m up to date. I updated Virtual Box as well.

Hey Richard,

Local 2.3 skipped the auto-updater entirely. Thanks for checking in regarding 2.4.0!

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