Updated icon for the Mac build?

Hey there!

Seriously now, it’s been a year and some since Big Sur changed the design on the Mac and Local still hasn’t followed suit. The app icon is the only one that’s out of place.

yes I know I can change the icon manually, but that’s not the point of this request…

Thank you!

It’s true, it’s time to change now, as unfortunately that hasn’t happened yet I decided to change the icon on my own, here’s the result

Hi all,

I agree with you - we took too long to get this updated. Good news! The Local MacOS icons have been updated in Local v6.3.1, which will be released to beta later this week and to stable next week. The new icons will be out very soon!

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Nice, but forgot about the beta? :smirk:

At least share the .icns source file for both. That would be cool.

Hey @austinwendt don’t forget about this, please…

Nice! I’ve been manually adding back one of my own for it to match, but happy to see an official icon is coming soon. Now all that is left for you guys to have Local up to speed on the current Mac platform is native Apple Silicon support. But I understand that is far more complicated than an icon.

Considering they’ve said “we’ll deliver a beta later this week” and it’s been a week plus since then, expect ARM support probably in the next 20 years or so…

Local is great, but their communication with the user base is atrocious.

@e.comanici There was a beta released yesterday.


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