Unable to restore with UpdraftPlus

If i try to migrate site to Local then i am using UpdraftPlus plugin. When i click on the restore button what it does on local is this:

  1. Deactivates all the plugins
  2. Deactivates all the themes
  3. Imports nothing

Now when i log in then i have a complete mess there. It seems that Local based site is unable to unzip Updraftplus .zip archives.

At the moment workaround i use is this:

  1. delete plugins, themes, uploads and languages folder
  2. Unzip all the zips manually and copu to wp-content
  3. Log in to backend and using UpdraftPlus restore only database

This way it seems to be wroking at least.

Please advise.

Hi Janke,

Right now UpdraftPlus backups aren’t supported. We’ll keep this in mind for the future!

Here are the current archives that can be imported:

  1. Generic .zip containing /wp-content and a single .sql file in the root
  2. Generic .zip containing all WordPress files and a single .sql file in the root (this is the format of Duplicator backups)
  3. BackupBuddy backups
  4. Local Exports

Is this still the case? I am trying to go back and fourth with remote and local.