Upgrade to Mac OS Catalina killed Local router

I have searched nearly all day for a solution and all roads have ended unsuccessfully. I had several working sites set up in Local and all were working. Now, since I upgraded to Catalina, I cannot get to any of my sites. I get the red banner saying " Heads-up! Local’s router is having trouble starting.
It does say in the lower left corner that the site is running. I checked port 80, nothing is there. This is desperate, I have a project due tomorrow. Please any help is appreciated!
Thanks so much!!

Hey @Maggie, welcome to the Local Community! Thanks for reaching out.

Catalina has locked down applications quite a bit, which ramped up our focus on the new versions of Local (the 5.x beta available here - 5.0.7 (Beta)).

If you’re still using version 3 of Local, you’ll need to make some adjustments to the system security settings - https://getflywheel.com/wordpress-support/running-local-by-flywheel-on-macos-catalina/

Let us know if that doesn’t get you up and going!

This is happening to me even with 5.0.7. I have enabled full disk permissions in the system preferences. Am I missing something???

Looks like a total uninstall, remove access, and reinstall re-add access worked.


Awesome, glad you were able to get it sorted!

In the case that reinstalling Local doesn’t help, you can switch the routing mode from “Pretty Domains” to “localhost” by going to Preferences » Advanced.

Note: Switching the router mode is only available in Local 5.1.0 and newer which is only available on the Local Beta channel at the time of writing.