Stuck in localhost mode?


I’ve had a really bad experience up to now with migrating v3 to v5.

Now to top off all the problems I’ve had, i am stuck in localhost mode rather than using router mode where I can use site domains.

I’m getting very close to dropping Local altogether because I have found this whole process infuriating and I’ve lost so much time so far. Can anybody advise on how to solve this?

Local by Flywheel is uninstalled.
Local is installed.

MacOSX Catalina 10.15

Command line says that nothing is running on Ports 80 or 443.

I have tried a lot of things online but nothing, any help would be greatly appreciated.

After wasting more time then I care to admit trying to solve this issue, turns out the solution is this:

Open Terminal and Run
sudo apachectl stop

I’ll leave the post here in case anybody else encounters it.

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