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Use as server on Mac mini m1


So I’m going to build “order receiver” application on Wordpress using JetEngine and other Crocoblock plugins. I have Idea to make this application with Local WP (already used on many projects) and use Mac mini M1 as local server in office.

What you thing, how good idea is it?

It will just get few 200-300 orders a day not more and make some calculations.

I think you have a misunderstanding of this software. It is for local web development. It is not for hosting. The ability to use live links is a testing feature.

I do not work for Local, Flywheel, or WPEngine.

Agree with the above, but in addition to the fact that LocalWP isn’t intended for hosting production applications, your office internet connection may not be ideally-suited either. There’s a good chance you have an asymmetric connection which could constrict the bandwidth available to your server, not to mention that during office hours, your app will be contending with traffic from however many staff are onsite and sharing the office broadband.

So I can’t simply “share” local ip+port and access site built on LocalWP without livelink?

You can probably hack together a solution accounting for NAT, DNS, dynamic IPs, bandwidth limitations, etc. But your question was if it’s a good idea and IMHO, it is not.