Apple M1 native support

Are there any plans or time lines yet? Having a heavy wordpress project which gives my M1 CPU quite some work I am hoping that a native version might speed up my local Wordpress.

Are there certain things that aren’t working under the M1? Can you describe in a little more detail where the issues are happing?

Hi Ben,
I am not talking about issues, just about performance. Example: Working on my dev/live-server in Wordpress which has a Xeon E3 1240v6 at 3,7 Ghz is more fluid and faster than local wp on the M1. So my hopes are that the performance with a native app might be better. Anyway I may setup a native environment with home-brew to see if there are any benefits.
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I’d be interested to know your findings re: homebrew Apple Silicon-native environment.
Both MAMP Pro and Devkinsta offer a M1-native version, but if this makes them faster than Local-over-Rosetta, I don’t know yet.

There are significant perfomance improvements, especially regarding that Rosetta emulations require huge amounts of memory. To test this just swap out php/mysql/nginx via homebrew like:

ln -s /opt/homebrew/Cellar/php@7.4/7.4.24_1/sbin/php-fpm /Users/USER/Library/Application\ Support/Local/lightning-services/php-7.4.1+16/bin/darwin/sbin/

Also disable MySQL logging in my.cnf.hbs if not needed.
Otherwise this produces huge logfiles.

Most LocalWP dependencies are already compiled for Apple ARM.
Maybe devteam could provide an alternate built with those libraries (like e.g. libreoffice)?


Tested DevKinsta, but its a nightmare for me. Complicate to access WP CLI and slow as hell even though I have the native version. Something is weird. Maybe Local WP and Kinsta are conflicting.

No connection to Apple Silicon, but I found DevKinsta to be quite a bit slower than LocalWP, and pretty intense on RAM, too.

The major culprit with emulated Rosetta2 applications seams to be RAM intensity.

Hi localster, thanks for your input. Is there a step by step guide for the swapping of the components?


Since you are swapping system files it might help to have some knowledge working with brew and terminal. That said you will find how to install brew and individual dependencies here:

php@7.4 — Homebrew Formulae (PHP 7.4)
mysql — Homebrew Formulae (MySQL) (NGINX)

Replace “USER” with your mac username in the command above.

No you will have to experiment a little and decide for yourself which files you would and to swap.
This is more like a temporary solution.

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