Using Dropbox to sync Local sites between computers under Local Classic

Picking this thread up to see if anyone can see any holes in this workflow I’m trying to figure out for working between two computers on a daily basis:

  1. Open Local, create a new site in a Dropbox folder
  2. Install UpdraftPlus and schedule DP backups every few hours
  3. Finish working on theme files etc
  4. Install WP Migrate Lite and create an export zip
  5. Save zip file on Dropbox
  6. Open second machine
  7. Move/delete existing setup folder out of the Dropbox folder
  8. Drag exported zip into Local
  9. Setup zip as a new site in the same Dropbox folder location as the first setup
  10. Make sure UpdraftPlus is installed and scheduled to backup
  11. Leave both installs running and when moving from one to the other import the most recent db backup file if there have been any changes to files other than the theme files (uploading media, making new posts/pages etc)

I’m hoping this will work but I’m not sure if deleting the original files from the first setup and them being replaced by exact copies from the exported backup zip will actually work in practice. Has anyone else done this? Am I overthinking/overcomplicating it?