Sync WP files & DB across multiple mac computer using iCloud

I’m coming from MAMP and I was able to sync multiple macs using iCloud. I would like to do the same with Local by FlyWheel. It has been a while since I set this up using MAMP so my memory is kind of fuzzy how I accomplished it before. Are there instructions on how to do this? Would someone walk me through the process if it is possible? Thanks

Hey rotunstall,

happy to help here!

Whilst it sounds awesome using iCloud or any cloud provider to sync files, I have found in some cases like with Adobe’s Creative Cloud if the files aren’t syncing fast enough, it causes more issues.

However, you should be able to do this by simply:

  1. Open Local click > Open preferences from the menu bar at the top
  2. Look for Site location path here -
  3. Change this path to your locally sync’d iCloud path
  4. Apply changes

This will change the path to all your current sites.

Note, I am not sure if this will automatically update your currently added sites paths - which means it may break your currently added sites. As such you may need to then, export all your sites and reimport them (after first deleting your old ones. but make sure you have all your sites backed up/exported first just in case.)

Give this a shot rotunstall and let me know how you get on, please.

Chris :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply! If this is not advisable, then what would you suggest if I have multiple computers and I would like to keep them all updated with the same WordPress installations and the same files & DB entries? Is there a simple and quick way I can export and import to keep the various instances synced?

Thanks again,

Hey @rotunstall,

No problem, and it’s not advisable in case of conflicts, but this is a genuine tricky issue with most development teams on any web application.

The tricky part is keeping the database in sync.

Sadly, I know of not “easy” way but there are workflows, mainly GIT based.

Heres some articles I found from a quick Google, note when it says local environment like DesktopServer or something you can swap that out for Local.

there are many more but they require some technical knowledge.

However with that said, if you’re happy using iCloud, by all means, you can try, but if you encounter seemingly odd issues it may be realted to the syncing of the files with iCloud. So thats worth keeping in mind.

Anyhow, I hope this helps somewhat.

Chris :slight_smile: