Using Local on multiple computers

I followed the steps just so that I could move everything over to Dropbox while developing. That said, whenever I restarted the site I now see Error establishing a database connection.

Whenever I click on connect to Adminer to check the database I see no such file or directory…

I still have the mysql backup so hopefully i’m not totally screwed

I’d check the MySQL log in the logs directory for clues.

Yes I have two designers that work on these sites - is it possible to share the root folders on same network? idk any thoughts on how this works?

Hey, i followed @clay instructions and it works, only thing here is that You need to turn on “Faster Docker Volumes” in app preferences - advanced.

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Is there an issue with using Flywheel as the bridge? I.e. Develop on computer A, push to Flywheel using Local on computer A, pull from Flywheel using Local on computer B?

Not ideal, have to pay for that site on the server, but would this not be a viable way of bouncing dev between two machines?


Yup! Connect to Flywheel is a great solution for this in the meantime :smiley:

I used to run this setup with MAMP, not sure if it’s possible with LBF but it seems close.

So we have 3 computers - one acts as the server (computer 1), I develop on another one (computer 2) and our second developer was on a third computer (computer 3).

We had MAMP running on the 3 computers.

Computer 1 had the site setup on it… but all we needed was the database. We then copied the files to computers 2 and 3.

Then on computers 2 and 3 we changed the wp-config.php file to point at computer 1’s database by doing:

/** MySQL hostname */
define( 'DB_HOST', '' );

So the database was always in sync between us. We then used GIT to sync the files between us.

I’ve tried something similar with LBF by changing the configs on computers 2 and 3 to point at the database on computer 1:

/** MySQL hostname */
define( 'DB_HOST', '' );

(All those details are in the LBF dashboard)

It can’t connect to the database though. Is there a way to change the config to point to another computers database?

Hi, I can sync files across 2 machines using the volumes add-on, but I’m unsure on how exactly you used mapping to sync the database. I can’t find a ‘let me hold your hand through the steps’ tutorial any where, is the reason because you feel it’s a bad idea to sync databases, and you’d rather we didn’t? Thank you.

Ok, it’s working, databases are syncing thanks to you. I plan on making a YouTube tutorial, don’t worry, I’ll make it absolutely clear that this is not supported! I think flywheel has the potential to easily be the number one leader in this field, that is, the go to solution for devs to set up their local projects. Thanks guys, and please, find a way to start charging some money for this lol!

Any recent updates on this? To recap, I’d like to be able to store my sites currently under development entirely in Dropbox so that I can work on my iMac or MacBook Pro as necessary, always having the latest changes.

I’m primarily a designer, not a developer, so Clay’s command line instructions above are just north of my pay grade. Hoping for a slightly more automated solution.

Hey @Collin

With the new releases of Local ( the 5.x line of releases ) this sort of thing should be much easier to accomplish, however there will still be an issue of re-importing the database on the different machines.

If you haven’t done so yet, go ahead and download and install the most recent version of Local from the Releases category her in the Forums:

From there, you should be able to create a new site and store it somewhere like a Dropbox folder. Then, whenever the site is stopped, the database will be exported to sql files within the sql folder for the site.

This will mean that the files and database dump will be syncing, however, you’ll need to re-import the database from the sql files when you change environments.

This is probably the most tricky part if you aren’t using the command line, or some other tool to import the DB since there are so many possible ways of going about this.

I downloaded and installed the Local 5.0.7 beta, but it doesn’t seem to know about my existing v3.3 sites. Is there a way to migrate those over?

Version 3.3 and the 5.X beta version are separate applications so they won’t know about each other’s sites.

To get your 3.3 sites into 5.X, you can export from 3.3 and import into 5.X. Right click on the name of a running site in 3.3 and choose “Export.” Then in the 5.X beta go to the file menu and choose “Import Site.”

Importing 3.3 sites into 5.X seems reliable. I’ve had a little trouble, though, with sites exported from 5.X.

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That worked perfectly. Thanks!

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I’ve successfully tested the idea of storing a site in a shared folder using Local 5.1.X. I’ve started a thread in the Local Beta category about doing this.