Using Local with symlinks/Dropbox and/or a NAS

Hey Local Community! I’m brand new to Local, (literally just set it up on my machines yesterday!) but have been a designer/dev since 1998, so I’m relatively savvy, though I much prefer not to have to spend much time twiddling to get things going, so Local is a revelation! It’s like Virtual HostX, but on steroids!

Anyhow, what I’m wondering is if anyone has experimented with using Local and a NAS as the location for all of your sites? Specifically, I’ve got two machines (iMac and laptop) that I’ve been using Dropbox and a symlink to keep my “Sites” directory synched, but I’m thinking it may make more sense to store everything on the NAS (Synology DS216+11) I’ve got set up mainly for my wife’s photography, but which has plenty of room.

The Dropbox symlink seems to have no trouble synching over my first Local test WP site, but I’m not sure of the correct workflow to be able to work on whatever machine I’d like without issues. Do I need to import a site I’ve started on one to the other machine and vice versa or is there some more elegant solution?

Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry to necro this post, but wondering if you ever got Local working on your NAS with different computers? I have a similar setup and just got my NAS today.