VirtualBox that's installed by Local - Is it special?

Hey there!

I have a shiny new Windows 10 laptop that I need to install Local on.

Aside from that, I’ll also want to add a virtual machine for Mac OS X and I planned on installing VirtualBox to accomplished this. However, I see that Local already installs VirtualBox.

So…I need to know…

Does Local install a “special - modified” version of VirtualBox or would I simply use that same VirtualBox installation (that was added by Local during its installation) to add a new virtual machine(s) and install Mac OS X on it as well?

I’m guessing yes but I need to make sure before moving forward.


Hi Alex,

It’s not a special installation by any means :slight_smile:

We simply bundle a version we find to be stable and automatically install it if needed.

Perfect! Thanks Clay - much appreciated!

I updated VirtualBox to the latest version. And it works fine with Local.

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