VM, database pull and version control

Hi there,

This might be a follow-up on this thread (Where are database files stored?), but more from the perspective of version control.

I undertand that a copy of the site database is dumped into \{site-name}\app\sql when the site is triggered to stop. I also understand that making changes to that database won’t have any effect on the actual site, since this database won’t actually be read next time the site is started. This leaves me with two questions:

  1. What is the most effective way to do version control for the whole site inc. database, ideally through git bash?
  2. In a test, I added a new page full of lorem ipsum text and stopped the site. It increased the size of local.sql by ~200KB. I then started the site again, and deleted the page. That page doesn’t appear on the site or wp-admin panel anymore. However, to my surprise, the updated database dumped in \{site-name}\app\sql still contains the ~200KB of data for the deleted page. Any explanation for this?

Using Local v5.2.3+2248 on W10.


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