VM-problem? Uh-oh! We ran into a hiccup when trying to start the Local Machine

I’m on MacOS 10.14.4 and the last time I used Local it worked fine. Now, however I’m just prompted with a lot of error messages when I try to start it.

Unable to start the VM: /usr/local/bin/VBoxManage startvm local-by-flywheel --type headless failed:

VBoxManage: error: The virtual machine ‘local-by-flywheel’ has terminated unexpectedly during startup with exit code 1 (0x1)

Prompt 3:
VBoxManage: error: Details: code NS_ERROR_FAILURE (0x80004005), component MachineWrap, interface IMachine

Prompt 4:

Prompt 5:
Details: 89:13:15.587139 Console: Machine state changed to ‘Saved’

local-by-flywheel.log (45.1 KB)