Volumes add-on limited to /Users location

When I used the volumes add-on i got the error that the folder needed to be within /Users

You are not alone: Seems like the addon is not working when using Windows. The Bug is known and there are topics e.g. Volumes Add-on: Must provide a path in /User
And a fix has been created: https://github.com/getflywheel/local-addon-volumes/pull/19/commits/4eada46e7cd60525683a32690632982df8434062

If anyone could create an addon-version out of this information, which is working on Windows, it would be much appreciated. I tried to change the part shown in the commit above. But I’m not sure how to compile and create a working addon. Tinkering in the addon-files, I got a version which does not show the error message - still my site is stuck at “Provisioning” as soon as I hit the “Remap Volumes”-Button.