Warning: openssl_pkey_export(): Cannot get key from parameter 1 - New Mac M3 chip - fresh install 2024

I am receiving this message when trying to add the child site. Can anyone assist please?

Warning : openssl_pkey_export(): Cannot get key from parameter 1 in /Users/stevennicholls/Local Sites/salientconnect/app/public/wp-content/plugins/mainwp/pages/page-mainwp-server-information-handler.php on line 223

MacBook M3 2024



Hi, Steven.

When using MainWP, other Local users seem to have modified their path to OpenSSL or referred to MainWP support docs to resolve the error you’re seeing.

These references may help to give pointers, but you may need to contact MainWP support for further help configuring the plugin for use with local development environments:

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Thanks for the reply but this has not assisted.

Sorry to hear that, @Salient. Perhaps try MainWP support if configuring OpenSSL for their plugin is proving challenging? The two reports I linked above both say that you need to set the plugin up manually and choose “Windows” for the OS (even on Mac) then configure a path to OpenSSL, but this is not something we offer step-by-step instructions for as it’s system and plugin -specific.

If MainWP has questions or suggestions for you that require extra information about Local, feel free to follow up here.

Is it possible for someone from technical contact me regarding this issue, please?

MainWP has detected that the OpenSSL.cnf file is not configured properly. It is required to configure this so you can start connecting your child sites. Please, click here to configure it!

If your MainWP Dashboard has no issues with connecting child sites, you can dismiss this warning by clicking the Error Fixed button.

Hello Nick, thanks for your response. Is there any way I can speak with anyone directly? I really need to get these issues resolved urgently.

You’re welcome, @Salient. Our support channel is the forums here. Public descriptions of issues and solutions build a knowledge base and let Local users help each other.

Are you able to share repro steps for the issue you’re seeing above? Plugin configuration falls outside normal Local support, and I have not used MainWP before (I also do not own the Pro version). But I’d be happy to take a quick look in case there’s something simple that might solve it for you.

If you haven’t yet, I also recommend getting in touch with MainWP support: MainWP Contact - Support, General, Pre-Sale, or Partnership. Their team knows their plugin better than we do. They may have had experience helping other customers to configure it with Local.

@Salient It would be worth checking that your site in Local is using PHP 7.4 or higher. (You can change it in Local’s site overview area under “PHP version”.)

MainWP seems to work for me if I use PHP 7.4.30 or higher (PHP 8 is also fine — both tested on an M2 Mac):

I only see the message you reported when I change my PHP version to 7.3.5 (the lowest version Local supports, and below the minimum spec for MainWP):

Hello Nick,

Do you know, if there is anyone able to assist me from MainWp? I still have these issues

Many thanks


Hi @Salient

We don’t have any affiliation with MainWP but here is their contact page:

Their Support Hours are listed as Monday – Friday: 7AM to 3PM EST

They also have links to their documentation and forums in there as well.