When creating a new site - What is Wordpress email?

What email should be used in the wordpress email field when creating a new site?

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I’d like to know this to or at least how that email is intended to work.

Hi @ATXMatt and @cwbuff

When setting up your WordPress account, it’s generally a good idea to use a professional and secure email address. Here are some tips for choosing an email address:

  1. Use a Dedicated Email: Consider creating a dedicated email address specifically for your WordPress account. This can help you keep your WordPress-related communications separate from personal or other business emails.

  2. Professional Domain: If possible, use an email address associated with a professional domain (e.g., yourname@yourdomain.com). This can add a level of credibility to your website.

  3. Avoid Free or Temporary Emails: While some platforms allow the use of free email services (like Gmail, Yahoo, etc.), it’s generally better to use an email associated with a custom domain for a more professional appearance. Avoid using temporary or disposable email addresses.

  4. Secure Email: Ensure that the email address you use is secure. Use a strong and unique password for your email account to prevent unauthorized access.

  5. Accessibility: Choose an email address that you can access easily and regularly. This is important for account recovery, security notifications, and other important communications.

Remember that your email address is linked to your WordPress account for various purposes, including password recovery and important notifications. Choose an email address that you can rely on for communication and security purposes.

HI Nick-B!

Thanks for following-up!

This was all in the context of the default email address used in the WordPress Email field when setting up a new site through LocalWP.

The email address here, doesn’t really matter since LocalWP can’t send out emails, right?

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Hi @ATXMatt! Thank you for clarifying - I apologize for my misunderstanding. You’re correct, Local won’t be sending out public emails. You can do email testing in Local with Mailhog if needed however.

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Many thank yous!


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