Moving Local site to Hosting Account with All-In-One WP migration plugin

Hiya, I’m a noob to this process and would greatly appreciate some help!

I have read the tutorials I found here and other places online and checked out All-In-One WP migration & Duplicator, and I have opted for All-In-One WP migration as it appears far less technical. I then searched and found a useful video:

It was very helpful, but left me with a few questions:

(1) I created 2 users in Local (an admin and a regular user). Will both transfer over?

(2) I seem unable to change the email address on the main admin account from dev-email@flywheel.local. Is that normal? Will I be able to change it AFTER I upload the site?

(3) In the video tutorial it says to do a find and replace of the development/Local site domain in the WP migration plugin. There is the ability to change the site domain within Local. Wouldn’t it be better to just do it that way? Or is that only used when working on an already running, remotely hosted site?

(4) I was wondering if anyone knew of a newer walkthrough video for Local and All-In-One WP migration plugin (the one above is from 2017) that uses the newer version of Local.

(5) When I install a fresh WP on my host server to import Local into, should I update the WP version so it matches what I have on Local, or will that just be overwritten along with everything else.

LOCAL: v.5.10.5+5403
WordPress: v.5.7.2
OS: MS Windows 8.1 PRO
HOST: Cynderhost (Apache server, PHP 7.4)

Thanks in advance for any help! It is much appreciated!


Good evening Lou

Please tell me what you’ve done to successfully import your website from Local to your hosting site.


They should – The database is uploaded and since the users are within the database everything should go over.

You should be able to edit this. Do the instructions in this blog post help?

I think that might work, but I would recommend against doing it that way. Having the Local site use a separate domain than the live site means that you’ll be able to access both sites at the same time ( and example.local)

This is useful in case you need to compare things or do any last minute tinkering on the local site without disrupting the remote site.

I don’t have any other resources for this plugin.

I’m not 100% sure if the All-in-One WP migration tool updates the WP version. I’d just recommend updating yourself so that there’s less differences between the Local and remote environments.