Where are the blueprint stored in ubuntu?

I am using Ubuntu but I can’t find where it is stored in Ubuntu.

You are one step ahead of me – I am on Debian and I can’t even find the option to create a blueprint! I have managed to find the Clone option, so that will do me for now.

But I can tell you that the local WP installs are stored in [YOUR_NAME}/Local Sites/, and that is where my cloned site turned up, so that would be a good place to start if you haven’t already looked there.

Terry Chadban


Found them! I worked out how to create a blueprint, and they are not stored in /Local Sites/, they are stored in Home/[YOUR_NAME]/.config/Local/blueprints/

So the hierarchy is:

WP Installs: Home/[YOUR_NAME]/Local Sites/
Blueprints: Home/[YOUR_NAME]/.config/Local/blueprints/

Hope that helps.

Terry Chadban

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Thanks, I found it

No worries. Stuff like this should be available in the FAQs or even better, an actual user guide!

Terry Chadban

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