Where is the overview data stored?

When trying to setup the account I accidentally hit localhost when importing my company site and could not undo it. Now I lost domain and Site Hose is localhost. Where is that data stored to update it back to what it was previously setup? How do i resolve the issue when I previously had?
Previously it was sitename.local Now there is no option to CHANGE it.

Hey @jnahidi

It sounds like this might be related to the localhost Router Mode. Here’s a help doc with more information about that setting:


I think what you should be able to do is access that setting under “Preferences > Advanced” and change the “Router Mode” to “Site Domains.”

If I’m misunderstanding something, can you take a screenshot of the site in Local as well as within the browser so that we can see what’s going on.

I dont see preferences sadly in my local app.

Hey @jnahidi – From the screenshot, it looks like this is a Mac. You should be able to access the Preferences menu from the title bar. Here’s a screenshot to help visualize where to look:

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