Where on disk does localwp store it's docker containers and where is the docker process running?

Local 6.4.2 on MacOS Monterey (M1 Pro)

I’m evaluating whether to use vanilla docker or localwp for WordPress development and have both Docker desktop and local installed. I’d like to know where localwp is running docker so that I can ensure separation of the two and understand better what is going on under the hood. With localwp running, docker ps in MacOS terminal lists nothing. Presumably another instance of docker is therefore running in its own sandbox elsewhere? I’m sure with enough digging I’ll find it but perhaps someone has trodden this path before…

I’m used to vagrant and virtualbox so just trying to get up to speed with the new way of doing things. Thanks!

Seems I must be mistaken. I was under the impression that Local uses docker but a bit of digging reveals that it is running nginx, mysql locally. I guess I saw old information referring to docker which is no longer accurate.

This post mentions a move away from virtualisation some time back.

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