Where to find cert files in macOs to work with browser sync?

I’m having an issue with the latest Local version. I have succesfully changes trusted level from keychain but I can’t find the sll cert files. Since I’m using browser sync with https this is something I have to add into the webpack config file.

I’m running on macOs big sur and the latest local version which is 5.10.5+5403


Sorry, I don’t have a solution, I’m just trying to accomplish exact same with configuring webpack to SSL file path and ran into same issue. I looked up the cert name in mac finder and nothing came back, I’m stumped.

Have you been able to make any progress? Thank you!

Hey @wpsnappy and @JB-MLC, Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

Local stores the SSL certificates for individual sites within the Local Router “run” folder. The easiest way to get to that place is to click on “Help > Reveal Local Router’s Logs.” From there, navigate “up” and into the cert folder.

On a Mac, that location is at:

~/Library/Application Support/local/run/router/nginx

Here’s a screenshot to help visualize:

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