Where to Put Your Custom CSS

I’m pretty new to using wordpress and local, and I have been wondering about how to better organize my custom css for my sites. I know I can customize within wordpress, but it doesn’t seem to be ideal because of the lack of space. I looked up some answers and found that if you have hosting you can create an ftp, file transfer protocol account, connect via an ftp client, and then open the style.css file in a text editor.

Is there a way we can do this in local, without the hosting?

Hi @sean424,

Absolutely! All of the site’s files reside on your computer so you can access them much like you access a document in a folder.

Here’s how to edit your site’s style.css file:

Note, the file you edit will depend on your current theme and setup.

  1. Open the Local site’s folder. This can be done by clicking on the circled caret beside the Local site’s path or by right-clicking on the site in Local’s sidebar and going to “Reveal in Finder” (or “Show Folder” on Windows)

  1. Navigate to the style.css for your current theme. If you’re using Twenty Seventeen as your theme, it will look something like the screenshot below.

  1. Open and edit the style.css file. To make changes, simply save the file. Uploading is not necessary.