Will someone put me out of my misery please

I loaded local to our computer thinking it was a ‘free’ local host that would allow us to work on WP sites without them being loaded to the internet, allowing us to dink around learning WP while developing several simple sites offline.
After days of work and a few hundred dollars spent on experts I find I’m now at a location that implies that just about anything is going to cost me. (I don’t want to host online)
did I miss something when I first thought local by flywheel was going to be a ‘free’ local host?
Would somebody spend the time to set me straight here?

??? What exactly is going to ‘cost’ you? Local is free, but it’s not a hosting platform. It’s a server, indeed to test, learn, play around, but only on your own computer, not available publicly on the internet. For that you need a hosting provider, and yes, that costs money.

Hello Scot,

I am sorry that you feel disappointed about your experience.

It seems like you are quite unexperienced with WordPress and web development and it seems like your expectations and assumptions are different from how things really work.

I would recommend you to find someone to explain a couple of basics to you.

"Local by Flywheel’ is indeed free (except for the Team version, that you do not need).
And Local is doing a great job in what it can provide.
Free software is just a tool, not yet the solution.
Even if you get an oven for free doesn’t mean the bread is coming without further effort.

What have you spend the hundreds of dollars for?

WordPress is an amazing software, but it requires some knowledge to start with it. Especially if you go for the self hosted version (wordpress.org)

Maybe consider using wordpress.com - a version of WordPress where someone else takes care for the hosting for you.
Or services like wix.com or squarespace.com

If I interpret your post correctly, Local by Flywheel is not the problem that you try to solve right now.

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I’ll attempt to respond more fully tonight, however I felt it important to do a quick update.
Zac, from Local, called and led me through the process until I was properly logged into the Wordpress dashboard.
He did an excellent, patient, job doing this and I’m every bit grateful.

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