Win 10 Pro Sandbox and Local by Flywheel work together?

Hi. I activated the Win 10 Pro Sandbox feature and it went through it’s install process. I tried starting up Local and got a bunch of error messages.

I updated etc., did a new install etc. And still got the error messages.

I then went ahead and deactivated the Wind 10 Pro Sandbox feature, it did it’s uninstall, did a restart, and now Local works again.

Can these two things work together? NOTE: I am not trying to run them both at the same time. I just checked off the “Windows Sandbox” in the additional features section just in case I ever want to use it.


Hey @JP2017

You are correct that currently Local can’t be used while Windows 10 Pro Sandbox is enabled.

This is due to Local relying on Virtualbox to manage the WordPress sites, and there being an issue with the Pro Sandbox’s virtualization with VirtualBox.

We’re currently working on a Private Beta version of Local, called Local Lightning

Once work on this has been completed, many of the issues that were caused by Virtualization will be solved since Lightning will be removing VirtualBox as a dependency.

Hope that helps answer some questions you might have!

Great. Thanks for the follow-up. Look forward to Local Lightning.

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