Windows 10 Creators Update

Does Local work on Windows 10 with Creators Update for any-every one?
I am now working with
local-by-flywheel-2-2-0-windows.exe and
VirtualBox-5-2-4-119785-Win.exe and
tried reloading VirtualBox after starting local site failed.
If it works for you can you let me know?
And, if so, would you say exactly how you do it?
Thank you.

I have the same issue here. After the Windows update I can’t open any of my Local Sites any more.

I keep getting a “This site can’t be reached”, “development-site.local refused to connect”. ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED.

I tried:

  • Restarting the websites
  • Reinstalling Local (first with only the normal uninstall, then with a full uninstall through Revo Uninstaller)
  • Reverting back the Windows 10 Creators update

Nothing helped. I still can’t reach my websites.