Windows 10 (SCU) 2018 Broke My Install--> SOLVED!

Hi, everything was working fine on latest release of Local but I had to upgrade my Windows to the latest Spring Update and I noticed after this that the interface no longer loads… it’s stuck on “Starting Local Machine”. I dix Restart Local Machine and it didnt work. So I installed the 2.3.0 pre-release hoping it would fix it, but no.

Any tips on how to resolve the “Starting Local Machine…” problem?
(its kinda urgent as I was in the near completion of a project)

This one is SOLVED. Just didnt know how to delete my post.
But going to explain how I fixed it anyway should someone else come across the issue.

I forgot that at the time of upgrading to Windows Spring Creators Update (SCU), I also did something in UEFI (bios) and I ended up resetting the settings of the UEFI - which DISABLED the “Intel Virtualization Technology” needed to make the VirtualBox tech work.

Problem is therefore solved now.